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Press Kit for "Three, Two, One - Create"

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A - All three artists' collaboration:

 Serengeti Moment - Fibre Art  Serengeti Simba - Photography   Serengeti Plains - Photography

B - Coreen Zerr and Don Zeghers collaborations:

 Gentle Giant - Fibre Art  Giraffe with Acacia - Photography  Eyes of the Wise - Fibre Art  Winter Hunter - Photography  Fox - Fibre Art  Fox Pup - Photography  Canadian Icons - Fibre Art  Spring Arrivals - Photography  Giants Collide - Fibre Art   Elephant and Baobab - Photography Zebras - Fibre Art  Zebras - Serengeti - Photography African Grey - Fibre Art  Grey Heron - Serengeti - Photography CrestedCrane

C - Krista Zeghers and Don Zeghers collaborations:

Goldfield Mountainsl - Fibre Art  Goldfield Mountains - Photography  Windy Point - Fibre Art  Time Worn - Photography Mesa Sentinel - Fibre Art Mesa Sentinel - Photography  Moon Dance - Fibre Art  Young Bucks - Photography  Flax Field - Fibre Art  Fields of Blue - Photography  Monarch on Ironwood - Photography  Waterlily - Photography  Sunset on Half Dome - Photography  Leah at the Wave - Photography  Emerald Eire - Photography  The Look - Photography

Portage Exhibit:

3_2_1 Create Portage-1 3_2_1 Create Portage-2 3_2_1 Create Portage-3 3_2_1 Create Portage-4 3_2_1 Create Portage-5 3_2_1 Create Portage-6 3_2_1 Create Portage-7 3_2_1 Create Portage-8 3_2_1 Create Portage-9 3_2_1 Create Portage-10 3_2_1 Create Portage-11 3_2_1 Create Portage-12 3_2_1 Create Portage-13 3_2_1 Create Portage-14 3_2_1 Create Portage-15 3_2_1 Create Portage-16 3_2_1 Create Portage-17 3_2_1 Create Portage-18 3_2_1 Create Portage-19 3_2_1 Create Portage-20

North Battlefield Exhibit:

north-battleford1 north-battleford2 north-battleford3 north-battleford4 north-battleford5 north-battleford6 north-battleford7 north-battleford8 north-battleford9 north-battleford10 north-battleford11 north-battleford12 north-battleford13 north-battleford14