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New Work

All works that have not been sold to a private collector or are on tour
are For Sale - contact Coreen!

I am currently working on a Large commission piece (14 feet by 6 feet in 4 panels) for the City of LaCoombe Alberta. 


East Sky at Sunset  East Sky at Sunset - Detail
"East Sky at Sunset"                                                               Detail       

Morning Noon and Night
 "Morning, Noon, and Night"


Canadian Icons  Canadian Icons - Detail
"Canadian Icons"                                                                   Detail       

Etiam Ovis  Etiam Ovis Detail
"Etiam Ovis"                                                                                Detail

Cape Buffalo  Cape Buffalo Detail

"Cape Buffalo" - Created from a photo taken by D.Zeghers                   Detail              




Why Soul
"Why Soul"


"Crested" Crane
"Crested Crane"

Strip Sunset  Strip Sunset
"Strip Sunset"

Moon Glow
"Moon Glow"
Giant's Colide

"Giant's Colide"

   Johnny Boy
"Johnny Boy"

   Why Soul  Why Soul Detail
"Why Soul"                                                          Detail

   Grey Heron  Grey Heron Detail
"Grey Heron"                                          Detail

   Sunlight Reflection on Canna Leaves
"Sunlight Reflection on Canna Leaves"

This is Where I Live  
 "This is Where I Live

Paint your pet

Paint your pet   Closeup
"Hunter"                                                Detail     

"Eyes of the Wise"

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Closeup   Gentle Giant closeup
"Gentle Giant"

Serengeti Moment
"Serengeti Moment"

"Answer My Friend"

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                     "Tree of Fibre"                                                          Detail                  

                              "City View"                                                          Detail                         

"Arbutus Sunrise"

"From Away"


a commission piece for the Vancouver Island Correctional Center in Victoria for their Chapel:

  VICC Arbutus Leaves
"Wilkinson Chapel"                                                   Detail   

Below: Pictures taken working on the piece in my studio and when finished pictures taken in the chapel for the dedication of the Vancouver Island Correctional Center commission completed last Sept 2012 as well of the Tree they purchased for the same chapel.  The Vancouver Island Correctional center also held a show and sale for me with the dedication.

Click on the thumbnails to start slideshow:

Coreen Zerr Studio VIRCC Chapel Warden, Artist, Chaplains IMG_1544 roots in ocean IMG_1545 IMG_1548 IMG_1550 IMG_1552 IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1557 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1562

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"Paint and Play" Class

                "Prairie Sunset"                                              Detail               

           "Spring 2011"                                                         Detail             

  "Spring Promise"                                       Detail                  

      "Tranquility"                                                   Detail            

      "Tranquility II"                                                    Detail               

Nanaimo Quilting Guild Raffle Quilt by Coreen.
Coreen with the quilt she made for the Nanaimo Quilting Guild raffle.


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